Power in Pollinators


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The Monarch Butterfly is at risk of being an endangered species.
The Monarch population has declined 90% in recent years. 
These little beauties are more than just a sight for sore eyes, they help sustain our environment. 
We are joining in the effort to save them because we care about the communities we serve! 
Our community includes farmers, businesses, and families that rely heavily on pollinators. We invite you to join us in saving the monarchs! 
See and read what's being done below! 

Diane's Kitchen: Jennifer Beaudette and the Butterfly Garden

Diane's Kitchen is not a cooking show but a 30-minute video podcast with people of interest hosted by Diane Dryden. Jennifer Beaudette, Director of Member Services for Barron Electric Cooperative was interviewed about the recently planted ten-acre Butterfly Garden that Barron Electric and Nuto Farms collaborated on. 

Rural Electric Magazine: The Butterfly Effect

Rural Electric Magazine's article, The Butterfly Effect indicates the importance of the monarchs to our environment, and how cooperatives are not just responding to the issue but trying to be proactive.


Along Those Lines: Saving the Monarch Butterfly

NRECA's monthly podcast, Along Those Lines Episode 8: Saving the Monarch Butterfly provides insight to the issues the Monarchs are currently facing, what it would mean if the Monarchs are listed as an Endangered Species, and how cooperatives on a national level are responding. 

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Barron Electric Cooperative has partnered with our member Nuto Farms to plant gardens to attract butterflies and help increase the Monarch population.
Together we have 4 butterfly sanctuaries, 3 of which are accessible to the public.
 The public is welcome to explore these new designated spaces for our pollinating friends!