EV vs Gas

Cheaper to Operate

Charging an Electric Vehicle (EV) is cheaper than filling up a gasoline or diesel powered car! Forget trying to book those oil changes into your already jam-packed schedule because EVs require less maintenance! 

No More Gas Stations

No need to fill up in the midst of a snow storm when you can just plug in your EV at home! 


EVs have no exhaust coming from a tailpipe! 

Vroom! Vroom! 

You might struggle to hear an electric vehicle start as they are are quieter & smoother than gasoline-powered engines, without compromising the get-up-and-go of a gas engine! 

EV Brochure

Learn more about electric vehicle charging at home, free charging station from Barron Electric, and electric vehicle charging on the go! Barron Electric has joined with other cooperatives to develop Levels 2 and 3 charging stations within cooperative service territories.
Check out charge.coop


How far can you go?


Find EV Charging Stations

PlugShare is a great resource for electric vehicle owners! It allows you to find EV charging stations based on your location. The site even allows you to specify exactly what you are looking for! Only looking for free charging stations? Going on a road trip and you want to ensure charging stations are along the way? Let PlugShare be your guide! 

Charge at BEC 

Barron Electric has a Level 2 Smart Electric Car Charger at our office at 1434 State HWY 25 North, Barron, WI.
You can find our location listed on PlugShare!



Rebate for FREE Level 2 Charger

Barron Electric is offering a Level 2 Smart Charger to qualifying members! View our rebates for details.


Cost Calculator 

Calculate and compare the costs associated with electric vehicles vs. gasoline vehicles.