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Big or small we want to help power your projects! We know beginning a new endeavor no matter what kind can seem daunting! Most times where to begin is the hardest part!
 Here's where to start with us!

Barron Electric Cooperative is excited to meet with you regarding your energy needs.  Prior to scheduling an on-site visit with us, the following must be completed:

  • Hole dug for concrete foundation
  • Meter site determined
  • Septic system site and well site determined
  • All paperwork returned to our office, prior to scheduled appointment


Improved Lot

The new service cost to an improved lot (has well, septic, OR foundation in place) is $500, plus $5.00/ per foot for single-phase. Multi-phase service extensions will be charged $1,100, plus a rate of $11.00 per foot.

Unimproved Lot

The new service cost to an unimproved lot is $800 plus $8.00 per foot for single-phase. For multi-phase, a $1,600 fee will be charged plus $16.00/ft. (The cost is the same whether an overhead or underground service is selected).

The following must be completed before your service can be scheduled for installation. Please note that if these items are incomplete, delays will result in having the electric installed.

Commercial Inspections: 

For General Questions:

If you have specific questions for a commercial inspector, please contact Steven Ramusson, call: 1-608-617-2985

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A trench must be provided by the landowner to underground services requested after November 1st due to frost conditions. Call Digger’s Hotline at least three days before beginning a project
at 1-800-242-8511 or 811.


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