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Change Existing Service & Forms


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Does your service need an upgrade? 
We aim to meet your needs for reliable and safe service.
Please see the forms below & contact the Operations Department for more information.

Disconnect Service Form

Barron Electric Cooperative does not charge to disconnect a service. If service is reconnected within 12 months under the same member’s name, there is a charge of $100 plus a minimum charge for each month during which service was disconnected.
Please complete the Disconnect Service Form. 
Please note only Cooperative employees are permitted to cut Barron Electric's meter seals or pull any electric meters. Those that do not abide by this are subject to a tampering fee which includes all costs associated with the tampering incident. 




Account Change Request Form

If your account is transferring from one name to another, please complete the Account Change Request Form. Then, contact the Billing Department at 1-800-322-1008 about a week prior to moving to allow us to discontinue or transfer your service.





Change of Service and Easement Forms

Easements are legal documents that allow Barron Electric Cooperative to build lines on someone’s property. The landowner still owns the property, but the easement allows access for repairs and maintenance once the line has been installed. Part of the maintenance in the easement includes cutting and trimming trees under and near the overhead lines. Keeping the lines free from trees reduces outages and maintains a safe clearance from electrical hazards. Click here to download the change of service paperwork.




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Making changes to your home or business so it's your "forever happy" place?
Or even making changes so it's a "better than it was" place? 
We can help! Details of where to start are listed below!

The following paperwork needs to be completed and returned before installation:
Service Guidelines
Wiring Affidavit

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