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Barron Electric Cooperative, formed in 1936, is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative that purchases all of its power from Dairyland Power. Most of the areas we serve are located in Barron and Washburn Counties; however, we also serve portions of Sawyer, Dunn, Chippewa, Rusk, Polk, and Burnett Counties. To maintain reliability, we annually clear over 200 miles of right-of-way and replace 150-200 poles. Safety is a priority at Barron Electric. We have presented more than 100 high-voltage demonstrations to over 21,000 students. We are committed to the communities we serve and donate and actively participate in several local organizations.


Our Mission Statement

"Barron Electric Cooperative is a member-owned business that safely provides energy, products, and services to improve the quality of life in the area we serve."


Our Environmental Statement

Barron Electric Cooperative is committed to improving the quality of the environment and contributing to the overall economic and social health of its service territory. The cooperative is dedicated to continued stewardship, as well as investing in technology that protects the environment, adheres to sound management practices, and ensures the health and safety of its employees and members.


Facts about Barron Electric

Square Miles: 2,052
Miles of line: 3,114
Townships: 61
Counties: 8
Members: 18,115
Substations: 18

Our History

  • December 16, 1935: First Barron County mass meeting was held to explore the feasibility of organizing an electric co-op

  • January 16, 1936: First preliminary work plan, with 186 miles of line mapped and 608 signed members, was submitted to state office

  • April 17, 1936: First application was submitted to REA for loan funds in the amount of $195,000

  • August 5, 1936: First REA loan was approved for Barron Electric

  • August 17, 1936: Barron County Electric Cooperative was formally organized

  • November 22, 1937: First section of line energized, consisting of 86 miles of line to 125 connected members

  • 1949: Barron Electric became first Wisconsin REC to gain 5,000 members

  • 1964: Membership reached 7,500

  • 1980: Average farm and residential member used 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month for the first time

  • 1985: Golden Anniversary of Rural Electrification

  • 1992: Barron Electric sponsored the first annual Tour de Color Bike Ride

  • 1998: Barron Electric hosted the first district meeting to help improve levels of electrical and customer service.

  • 1999: Utilities worked together on the potential Year 2000 computer issue, also known as Y2K.



Barron Electric connected service to the 15,000th member

Barron Electric and Country Pride formed Country Comfort, a limited liability company offering propane. In December, Goldstar and Shell Lake Cooperative joined Country Comfort.



Barron Electric has record number of new services (478)



Groundbreaking started for the new headquarters, located just north of the Barron County Justice Center



The new headquarters was completed April 1.

Barron Electric Cooperative celebrated their 75th Anniversary.


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